The Good Knight

She held his hand.

He walked into a clearing in the woods.

She looked up at the stars.

He looked down at the trail.

She tripped on a rock.

He held her hand, ‘I promised to keep you safe.”

She smiled, “I remember.”

He stopped walking, “And you promised to kiss me in the starlight.”

She looked at him, “I remember.”

He turned to pull her close.

She turned and ran off into the night.

He stood in silence.

She stopped and waited, a shadow in the trees.

He stood and watched her wait.

She raised both hands and waved, “Hey, I did not promise to make this easy.”

He smiled, “I remember, but who promised to keep you safe?”

She laughed, “You.”

He raised one hand and pointed in the opposite direction, “The way home…is this way.”

© J. Bateman

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