The Breakfast

She wanted to cook with the campfire.

He wanted to watch the campfire and cook with the grill.

She started preparing the breakfast.

He started the grill.

She mixed the eggs.

He warmed up the grill.

She checked the grill, “The campfire is cold, breakfast on the grill.”

He looked at the logs, “I promised a fire, watch it burn.”

She laughed, “I promised a breakfast, watch me cook.”

He helped prepare the breakfast.

She helped him cook then helped him serve the breakfast.

He sat down to eat.

She sat down to eat.

He said thank you for the breakfast.

She said thank you for starting the grill.

He said, “I added more wood.”

She said, “Watch it burn! The campfire was fine until you added more wood, wet wood.”

He smiled, “I tried.”

She said, “The campfire is cold, the breakfast is warm, is there a lesson to be learned?”

He said, “I will let you know after breakfast, when I get the campfire started.”

© J. Bateman

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