The Breakfast

She wanted to cook with the campfire.

He wanted to watch the campfire and cook with the grill.

She opened the cooler and planned their breakfast.

He sparked the campfire.

She mixed the eggs.

He watched it go out.

She turned on the grill, “I see your point, the campfire is cold.”

He looked at the logs, “I promised a fire, watch it burn.”

She laughed, “I promised a breakfast, watch me cook.”

He started to eat his breakfast without a word.

She laughed and looked at the cold campfire, “Watch it burn! The campfire was fine then you added more wood, wet wood.”

He smiled, “I tried.”

She moved to sit closer, “And the campfire died, keep me warm.”

He moved to sit closer.

She paused before speaking, “I cooked, what have you done?”

He laughed, “Keep you warm.”

She smiled, “Not with the campfire, but you did choose a great weekend, summer is here.”

© J. Bateman

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