The Love Birds

She walked on the trail looking up at the trees.

He walked ahead looking down at the ground.

She pointed to love birds.

He stopped.

She watched the birds fly in a close courtship dance.

He looked around and listened.

She smiled, “Love birds, do you see them?”

He looked at her, “No.”

She pointed toward the sounds of birds calling.

He looked up at the trees, “Are we bird watching?”

She smiled, “No.”

He looked around for other birds to watch.

She looked at him, waited for a kiss, then pulled him close when he did nothing, “What are you waiting for?”

He started walking, “I guess we should keep walking.”

She frowned and looked at the ground, then waited for him to turn around.

He looked back, ran into her arms, then kissed her.

She sat up, and realized the moment was only a dream.

He walked on the trail looking up at the trees.

© J. Bateman

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