The Introduction

She invited her friends to the campsite.

He watched her friends approach.

She tried to explain, he was love at first site.

He watched his girlfriend become the center of attention.

She asked her friends to stay.

He repeated her words, “Yes please stay and tell me her secrets.”

She offered food and drinks, “I apologize for the boyfriend, I found one who talks too much.”

He welcomed the guests.

She was the guest of honor, and the host of the party.

He raised a toast, “Are we here to celebrate or not?”

She looked embarrassed when the group congratulated her on the multiple job opportunities following graduation.

He tried to compete with success stories of her friends who all graduated in the same class, having nothing interesting to say, the keeper of the campfire retreated.

She noticed his mood and smiled, “Are you jealous of my friends?”

He smiled, “I think your friends are jealous of me.”

© J. Bateman

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