The Campfire

She was camping with her boyfriend.

He was camping with her and her best friends.

She asked the group of friends to stay in another campsite.

He asked his girlfriend to stay in one campsite.

She stopped visiting her friends.

He started feeling like his girlfriend was bored, “We should visit your friends, you want to go?”

She smiled at her boyfriend, “I want to stay here, without socializing with other people.”

He looked confused, “Should I go?”

She smiled, “No.”

He waved to a group of her friends walking toward the campsite, and motioned for them to keep walking, “I have done the impossible, your friends are not visiting the campsite. Our first moment of peace all weekend.”

She pretended not to care.

He pretended to look busy, “Now you can be alone on a cool summer evening.”

She looked frustrated, “Yes, but why are you still here?”

He looked more relaxed, “The campfire is keeping us warm.”

She smiled a polite smile, “How? The campfire is cold.”

He laughed, “The campfire keeps getting interrupted.”

She watched her friends walk by and frowned, “Will I wish the campfire was a little more hot, and a lot more bold!”

© J. Bateman

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