The Birds Dancing in Flight

She held his hand when they walked through a dense forested valley, a mile from the campground.

He held her close when they stopped to watch birds dance together in flight, chirping and soaring into the tree canopy.

She appeared to be deep in thought, “If I were to propose, would you marry me someday?”

He looked at her and smiled, “If I were to propose, would you marry me right now?”

She lowered herself down on one knee, eyes looking up.

He stepped back, “Oh, not here in the open, what if other people see us?”

She looked up and smiled, “Will you?”

He lifted her to her feet, then lowered himself down on one knee, “Will you?

She looked around, “Oh not here in the open,” and took a step closer, “What if other people see us?”

He looked off into the distance, watching birds dance through the trees with acrobatic precision.

She said, “I asked you a question.”

He said, “Maybe.”

She smiled, “May? I was thinking a wedding in the summer.”

He sighed, “Did not say ‘yes’ to a wedding?”

She said, “Did I say the answer is ‘yes’ if YOU asked me?”

He looked confused, “Who then?”

She said, “Who should ask me?”

He said, “Yes, who?”

She laughed, “Are you an owl?”

© J. Bateman

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